How does your company – a renowned practitioner of open innovation – relate with startups?

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Smart Cities: A chat with someone who understands the subject


In an interview with Open Innovation newsletter this month, Sérgio Borger, leader in human systems and technical strategy for IBM’s research lab in Brazil, speaks on urban mobility, accessibility, citizen engagement through social technology and the power of communities to build a better quality of life for all. Continuar lendo

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Building links to innovate


By Hélio Lemes Costa Júnior

Some years ago, I visited a number of educational institutions, research and innovation funding in the province of British Columbia, Canada. For almost a month I was greeted and guided by people involved in technology transfer between universities and business and learned a lot about the practices of those who are doing very well with Innovation. Continuar lendo

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Reduction of investment in innovation in Good Law: economic crisis or the mechanism?


Rafael Levy, Allagi consultant

Was published on December 23, 2013, the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation (MCTI), the Annual Report of the Use of Tax Incentives of the Good Law, base year 2012. A first superficial analysis would not have big news to discuss: the report follows the trends of previous years. However, evaluating more fully its contents, comparing with other statistical data, we see there are some points that show the situation of crisis now facing this support mechanism. Continuar lendo

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Natura opens a new innovation center in New York

The Brazilian multinational of cosmetics, Natura, inaugurated an innovation center in New York las February 3rd. The initiative aims to identify trends, opportunities and new concepts connecting cosmetics, design, fashion and technology to develop innovative prototypes. Continuar lendo

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Innovative research with Matico wins the award promoted by Natura

The ingredient used as a natural repellent to dengue and malaria mosquito wins Natura’s Award on Vegetal Ingredients. Continuar lendo

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Programme empowers startups in the state of Santa Catarina with no cost

Registrations are open for the third class in the Capacity Building Program of Startups in the state of Santa Catarina. Twenty startups will be selected to receive entrepreneurial education and specialized mentorship with some of the best experts in the entrepreneurship market. Read more (in portuguese)

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Learn about the eight projects that won the Google Challenge

This year the Global Impact Challenge will give one million reais to projects that give technological solutions to social problems in Brazil. See who has already won, which problem, which solution, and the current status of the project. Read more at (in portuguese)

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