Reduction of investment in innovation in Good Law: economic crisis or the mechanism?


Rafael Levy, Allagi consultant

Was published on December 23, 2013, the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation (MCTI), the Annual Report of the Use of Tax Incentives of the Good Law, base year 2012. A first superficial analysis would not have big news to discuss: the report follows the trends of previous years. However, evaluating more fully its contents, comparing with other statistical data, we see there are some points that show the situation of crisis now facing this support mechanism. Continuar lendo

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Innovation and uncertainty: who decides what to invest in?


Rafael Levy

An article was published at the newspaper Brasil Econômico ( on January 1st, about the new National Agency of Petroleum‘s (ANP) restrictive rules for investments in RD by the oil companies for petroleum production.

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Why does not make sense to talk about innovation


Bruno Rondani

Talk about innovation revives my senses and inspires me. Yesterday, however,
in front of the computer, with so many ideas and learnings in my head, I started to think and I refused to write. Because talking and writing about innovation is redundance, would be better to act. So, something told me that the only way not to be redundant is telling the true, say for innovation what matters is that we act, not speak. Say that innovation is more than eight letters forming a buzzword, innovation is verb, not substantive. Continuar lendo

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