Natura opens a new innovation center in New York

The Brazilian multinational of cosmetics, Natura, inaugurated an innovation center in New York las February 3rd. The initiative aims to identify trends, opportunities and new concepts connecting cosmetics, design, fashion and technology to develop innovative prototypes.

The Center of Innovation was inaugurated today in Soho, New York, to feed the innovation process of Natura, to contribute to the development of international competencies for the group as well as establish partnerships with technological centers with global excellence which are present in the USA.

The initial project, Circle of Friends, has the support of a multidisciplinary and multicultural team, made up of opinion leaders, designers, artists, musicians, Brazilian and American entrepreneurs, consultants and researchers that will gather to think under different angles on the same theme to enhance the process of developing new concepts for Natura.

“Our main goal as this Center is to “provoke” the process of innovation, with new ways of developing concepts and prototypes. We want to integrate the process of internationalization of our brand. We intend to take Natura to the world, as well as the world to Natura, with ideas, processes and products that add even more value and express in a new way new concepts, values and essence”, says Gerson Pinto, vice president of Innovation in Natura.

Regarded as one of the ten most innovative companies in the world by Forbes magazine, Natura is favorable to the sum of knowledge network and keeps other projects to innovate and promote well-being relationships, such as the ones with MediaLab at MIA and the Center for Research in Cutaneous Biology, both in Boston, USA.

Since 2012, Natura is part of MIT’s Media Lab consortium. Under the motto “to anticipate the impact of emerging technologies on everyday life”, the Media Lab is one of the centers of excellence in innovation, design, science and technology in the world, and is part of the research department of the School of Architecture and Urban Planning of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Designers, engineers, artists and scientists are using non-traditional disciplines and work in circa 350 projects such as neuro-engineers, cities of the future, and how children learn. The funding source of MIT’s Media Lab comes from around 70 corporate sponsors and Natura is among them.

The Brazilian multinational also has interaction with the Center for Research in Cutaneous Biology at the Massachusetts GeneralHospital, the largest teaching hospital of HarvardMedicalSchool for scientific cooperation. The institution is worldwide known for its leadership in the generation of innovative science in researches for the development of new therapies.

With the help of such collaboration, Natura aims at accelerating the acquisition of scientific knowledge and bring new benefits to the consumer. Natura’s innovation initiatives in Brazil also collaborate to the development of more efficient and not-yet published solutions and processes.

In Manaus, Natura’s Amazon Innovation Center (NINA) has as its mission to put Natura at the local network of innovation, seeking its expansion through collaborative research in science, technology and the generation of businesses related to the sustainable use of sociobiodiversity.

Agreements signed with institutions such as the Federal University of Amazonas, the National Institute for Amazonian Research (INPA), and the Brazilian Corporation of Agricultural Research (EMBRAPA) allow faster development of research, generation of value for indigenous communities, for extractive producers and the population around the rivers, rural producers, besides the development of new business in the region.

Another innovation initiative of Natura is the Natura Campus programme. Launched in 2006, the programme is the materialization of the company’s network of innovation with research institutes, universities and companies to create opportunities for the collaboration in science, technology and innovation. The company also has the Cocreation Natura programme, a network of co-creation open to consumers for projects that meet the challenges of innovation at Natura.

“We are favorable to the sum of knowledge in networking. Our purpose with these ,innovation initiatives in Brazil and the US is to further strengthen Natura’s innovation process and bring to people what is most innovative in concepts, processes and products”, says Gerson Pinto.

Natura’s InnovationCenter in New York aims at attracting the best talents, understand the last trends, technologies, tools and methodologies for the creation of ideas and products prototypes. “Behind all this effort is the desire to express Natura’s essence in e new, contemporary way, in sync with our values. We want to encourage new forms of connections with all the people that we relate to and expand or ecosystem of innovation”, Pinto concludes.

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