How does your company – a renowned practitioner of open innovation – relate with startups?


Peter Quadros Seiffert, PhD
Head of Corporate Venturing Capital of Embraer S.A.

Startups are an essential part of our innovation ecosystem. It is vital for our competitiveness to act in a cooperative and integrated manner, since our startups are more agile, fast and they tend to act at the edge of innovation.

Our relationships may occur in different ways: in the development of R&D joint projects, venture capital investment, speed up, project outsourcing, supplier development or even spin in. Those ways are always evolving and broadening, and may be complemented by new approaches.

Carlos Pessoa
Director of Wayra Brasil

As a global initiative of Telefonica Group to foster startups, the relationships with innovative companies is in our DNA. Besides worldwide calls from Wayra, which may happen three times a year in order to attract business projects in the area of internet and new technologies, we also maintain strategic partnerships, giving more opportunity to startup companies.

We have agreements with MercadoLivre, Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation through the Start-up Brazil programme, and with Evernote. More than 1,700 projects have already applied for the Wayra calls in Brazil since 2011, from which 28 were accelerated here. Besides Brazil, the accelerator is present in more than 12 countries, including Spain, England and Chile, and gathers 300 companies and 20 digital industrials. This acceleration includes, besides our direct investments – which are up to U$ 132 million) – a concrete space in our academy in São Paulo, mentorship, approximation with other investors, as well as consultancy and advisory with Telefonica experts in business and market.

Ronald Dauscha
Director of Technology and Innovation of Siemens do Brasil

The technology-based companies, entrepreneurial and truly differential, interests us much, they may jointly develop from the current stage, missing, additional and new solutions for Siemens. Moreover, for these startups, companies like Siemens, much more than a source of investment (we have other available in the country!), need access to other technologies, sales channels and business management. The challenge that arises is how these two developments can find each other?

We developed in Brazil based on a world model, a new version of a program to attract startups called TTB (Technology To Business) that runs the second time in Brazil, coordinated by the Strategy and Innovation Group. This is an innovative model of communication, detection, selection and relationships with companies, based on pre-defined segments and sectors, which alternate every 4 months and that may culminate in various partnership models, from a simple business partnership til purchase the company. Although recent, the program has already shown its first successful cases, still in the final stages of negotiation.

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