Regarding investments on innovation for this year of 2014, is your company expecting to increase, maintain or decrease them?

foto_PauloMarcioPaulo Márcio Bragança de Matos
Strategic Management and Innovation, FIAT CHRYSLER Latin America

The year of 2014 will be quite atypical, mainly due to two aspects: the World Cup and the Presidential Elections. Coupled with the economic turmoil and the social and technological scenario being set up, we should have several outcomes, such as a new wave of protests and an increased questioning of Brazil’s reality because of the exposure during the World Cup. In such context, the challenge for innovation in the business context is, on one hand, to keep with the pace of investments in order to guarantee the targets we have in the medium and long term, and, on the other, to manage to create connections and an innovative view to deal and adapt to the turbulence that is coming (many challenges, but many opportunities as well). We at Fiat Chrysler will maintain strong investments in innovation, and are expecting to increase in the year of 2014, whether on technology projects or in marketing and communication of product projects.


foto_VladimirBarrosoVladimir Barroso
Manager of the Division of Research & Development of A.W. Faber-Castell S.A.

Innovation and Creativity are key pillars at Faber-Castell. Our pioneering and continuous progress ensure innovation and creativity aiming at offering solutions with relevant benefits to consumers. We stimulate our own creativity through an open working environment, dedication, commitment and the exchange of knowledge among international and interdisciplinary teams. Investments dedicated to innovation are growing and meet a long-term vision. In 2014, these investments will be even greater, namely:
a. increase in the number of employees,
b. training of employees,
c. involvement with universities and research centers,
d. participation in national and international fairs for technological update,
e. purchase of new equipment.


foto_AltivoAlmeidaAltivo Roberto Andrade de Almeida Cunha
Coordinator of Innovation and Technology in Health of Unimed BH

In 2014 Unimed-BH will significantly increase its investments on innovation with the implementation of the Center of Innovations Unimed-BH, which will organizationally gather R&D activities, education and already developed innovations, which will potentiate its activities and reach. It is an initiative that encourages the formation of partnerships and values the scientific and technical potential of the company.

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