Cup year and elections…

foto_JoseFlorianoA year of FIFA World Cup and Elections. How companies that have their activities affected by atypical calendars can keep their Innovation plan trouble-free. José Mauro Floriano da Silva, Advisor Corporate Innovation of Algar Group SA, answers those questions.

Wenovate - How is your company being organized to continue to innovate in 2014, a year in which we have FIFA World Cup and Elections?

José Mauro - All investments were planned at meetings between the holding company and other companies in the Algar Group, according to the established budget assumptions and external scenarios. The Group has been organizing itself in order to strengthen the activities of the Committees for Innovation in the generation, selection, and implementation of ideas, besides investing in training methodology for innovation for 30% of the membership base (as employees are called in Algar Group).

Another initiative is the strengthening of partnerships with entities of Science, Technology and Innovation; Government; and funding agencies for research to develop new products, processes and services. In terms of the management process, we are implementing a Corporative Innovation Management Office competence in each company.

Wenovate - Can you cite examples of atypical years where lack of planning affected the results?

José Mauro - No. The planning is an activity highly valued and practiced in Algar Group.

Wenovate - How to manage investments in a year marked by many events?

José Mauro - The corporate governance model adopted by Algar Group involves all the key executives of the Group and the Holding in the planning of our meetings, so as to follow the planned results for the year. The annual schedule includes external events, and follow-up meetings are planned in such a way that, if there is any relevant fact, the investment analysis shall be immediately reassessed to not harm the expected results.

Wenovate - How does your company keep employees focused and motivated about the practice of innovation in atypical years?

José Mauro - The Group already has numerous corporate events aimed at maintaining a culture of innovation. This year in particular, we are creating new events to maintain a high focus on innovation. Two Algar Innovation shows will be held, one in Uberlândia and the other in Belo Horizonte, both in the state of Minas Gerais. There will be the submission of completed projects, innovation prototypes, among others. We will also open the space for other entities to present their main innovation projects. Another event of the Group directed to plan the future is Algar 2100. At Algar 2100, the chief executives deal with information and activities so they can practice innovation. For this year, the area of ​​customer’s services is being structured to generate analyzes under the concept of Lean Six Sigma, and to be a great source of innovation for our processes.

In 2014, the Algar Group will maintain its programs to generate ideas and innovation projects to promote the listing of ideas in thematic lines, with the possibility of external inputs.

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