Why does not make sense to talk about innovation


Bruno Rondani

Talk about innovation revives my senses and inspires me. Yesterday, however,
in front of the computer, with so many ideas and learnings in my head, I started to think and I refused to write. Because talking and writing about innovation is redundance, would be better to act. So, something told me that the only way not to be redundant is telling the true, say for innovation what matters is that we act, not speak. Say that innovation is more than eight letters forming a buzzword, innovation is verb, not substantive.

Innovation management is more than a  simple and vain theory. It makes no sense to be reading Schumpeter, evolutionist theory, OCDE manuals, booklets and consulting presentations all day long. Everything is written there comes down to action and what is worth is practicing.

We can not forget that innovation takes in culture and attitude. Innovation becomes not trying to convince a committee of masters with fear of change, wishing to pay the bill with a subsidy or subsidized credit. Innovation is not made with an active member of associations and  filling resumes with titles and institutional linkages.

Innovation is more than depositing patents, try to charge royalties and make splurge about it in the annual report. Competitors know, deep down, that throw challenges on the internet is nothing but distraction. Innovation is more than a wall mural, with a flowchart to show auditors and the tax revenue. The innovative guy changes in acts and not in positions all his speeches.

Funding agencies say it’s a sin not to hire docs in R&D. Specialists have so few ideas that they invent numerous public programs and policies that foster innovation repeating obsolete paradigms. Throw more notices than present success stories. Speak insistently about increasing in R&D investment at the companies and know that the metrics commonly used are a mistake.

Innovation hates scientist who prefers to stay poor instead of share a discovery, the executive who is afraid of making mistakes and always makes everything in the same way, the entrepreneur who is obstinate in his ideas and inventions and can not adapt himself, venture capitalists who do not want to risk.

Early on I learned that innovation playbook is nothing more than a method, with the title “Forbidden think everything is already written”. Gentlemen, share the ideas, borders are not intended to innovation.

We wish everyone a 2014 hands-on, with less speeches and more actions, with less competition for the old and more collaboration to the new!

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