What have you recently learned in innovation management that you would like to share?

foto_RogerioHamamRogério Hamam
SEDS – São Paulo State Secretariat of Social Development

Above all else, innovation management is a concept that invite us to observe the whole with other eyes, encouraging the motivation for new practices and discoveries. Innovation management in public administration also acquires a different guise, because of its noble nature and the structural and organizational differences compared to the private sector. The experience we are building at the São Paulo State Secretariat of Social Development could not be more positive. We are gradually opening doors at the Secretariat so that civil society can actively participate in our programs and initiatives. We have learned that external encouragements – be them critics, praises or partnerships – are not only welcomed, but needed so we can fulfill our constant mission of promoting true social development in the state of São Paulo.


foto_RodrigoBandeiraRodrigo Bandeira de Luna
Instituto Cidade Democrática - Democratic City Institute

In two projects we are involved at, the Webcitizenship Xingu and the ontology of social participation, we have learned that there is a need to communicate clearly, without ambiguity or misunderstandings. Also, it is important to communicate in a simple way, so everyone, especially the ones dealing with the issues in practice, can participate by contributing with their valuable knowledge. They are the ones living the concrete aspects that should be considered in our models of social action in public themes.



foto_GustavoSantiGustavo Santi
iMasters and Laboratorium

I have been following closely projects from private and public institutions and the major challenge is to put in practice new concepts which shape business with professionals who insist in conservative methods. What I have learned with time is that we should have patience and empathy to innovate in business, whether in the difficulty of dealing with ‘innovative’ managers or in the alignment of perspectives, in order to avoid future disappointments, even personal ones. Also, there is the prime goal that is to show, in practice, how new concepts such as design thinking, business model and other tools can bring more results in business processes than the ones that were applied in the era of traditional administration.

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