Innovation in Services

foto_ClaudioPinhanezCláudio Pinhanez talks about Innovation in Services, a theme he has presented at Open Innovation Week.

Claudio Pinhanez is a professor, researchers and scientist in services. He leads the research group on Service Systems at the IBM Research Lab in Brazil, working on analysis of social media, ubiquitous computing, computer interfaces, and design services. Claudio has obtained his PhD in MIT on Media Laboratory and was a researcher at IBM Research in New York from 1999 to 2009.

Wenovate: What is the most relevant case of innovation in services in which you were involved as a manager and/or researcher? 

Claudio Pinhanez: We are developing a project within INBM, in which we are using technologies of virtual communities to integrate various business units that provide services to clients. This collaboration technology allows various professionals that deal with specific clients to have a community exclusively directed to informations to the client, including a shared schedule, the stage of the various ongoing initiatives with the client, area for questions and answers, and a map of who have or have had any relationships with the client.

Wenovate: And what these communities do?

Claudio Pinhanez: These communities use techniques of visualization and advanced information sharing, as well as a system of logging and monitoring of activities that allow constant supervision of a community’s vitality. The pilot of this technology might happen later this year, and results are expected regarding the impact in quality of customer services due to a better interaction and collaboration among the various actors in contact with the customer.

Wenovate: Could you tell us a little about the service-dominant logic? 

Claudio Pinhanez: The work of Vargo & Lusch in the definition of service-dominant logic is a landmark in recent research on Services Sciences. Nevertheless, it is important to note that the service-dominant logic is not a theory of services, but rather a theory of marketing and of value of services. The change of locus in the creation of production value for the moment of consumption/use, or of ‘co-creation of value’ is essential for the understanding of the logics of modern marketing.  Yet, in my view, the service-dominant logic is insufficient as a theory to boost radical innovation in services, since it does not make clear distinctions between service and product. During the course in Innovation Services I will give with Prof. Roberto Bernardes, we will examine clear definitions of services that will help in the selection of appropriate methodologies for innovation and research in services.

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