What are the reasons and motivations that make you play a part in the Open Innovation Week 2013?

foto_EduardoVasconcellos4Eduardo Vasconcellos

The event will bring extremely relevant themes, discussed by engaged people, with a deep knowledge of the world of innovation. It combines theory and practice in a competent manner and, as an additional benefit, offers the opportunity to strengthen relationships with a network made by people from various sectors, highly motivated to discuss the importance and usages of open innovation in Brazil and abroad. It will be a very enriching experience to work under the theme “Strategic Management of Innovation and Internationalization” in a context such as the one of the Open Innovation Week.


foto_ClaudioFurtadoCláudio Furtado

The Challenge Brazil, created by FGV (Fundação Getúlio Vargas) and its Private Equity and Venture Capital center managed by Allagi, materializes open innovation purposes, which only become concrete when they are transformed into venture. Challenge Brazil, through its platform, congregates more than 900 ventures, more than 500 entrepreneurs, acting in a co-creation regime. Yet, it also has more than 4,000 entrepreneurs following the most important website of high impact entrepreneurship in Brazil. We understand that building a Brazil that is internationally competitive , innovative in its products and services, can only happen through an entrepreneurial education and through the kind of entrepreneurship that Challenge Brazil sponsors and presents to the community of investors. This is an important discussion to be taken to Open Innovation Week, since we are bringing something concrete in terms of innovation. Innovation without a company is just an idea on the shelf.

foto_JeffersonGomesJefferson Gomes

The presence of SENAI at the Open Innovation Week (OIW) is extremely important to us. First, to posit ourselves as agents of open innovation for the Brazilian industry; and second, to learn with the companies and institutions that will attend. We will also execute our “Grand Prix SENAI of Innovation”, aiming at developing, in 72 hours, technological solutions to the problems of society, leading to the creation of project proposals with partner companies that will be participating at OIW. This event will be open to the entire society. We will be there to welcome companies, entrepreneurs, students and whoever is interested in co-creating with SENAI.

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