Special edition: Open Innovation Week 2013 – The 6th Open Innovation Week is built through collaboration and presents extensive discussions on open innovation

Dear friends of innovation,

Hosting events has never been easy, especially when it is a collaborative one. We have had the concrete contribution of more than 500 people, which kept an open dialogue with the Wennovate team throughout the year, in order to create the 6th Edition of the Open Innovation Week.

We have had many consultations, dialogues and ideas. Those ideas were transformed into projects and those projects were presented to countless partners in Brazil and abroad. Those projects intend to keep stimulating the collaboration among diverse communities, organizations and individuals. Thus, the event serves as a meeting point, but it is not an end in itself.


The Open Innovation Seminar was born in 2008 as an event to debate the applicability of the concept of open innovation in Brazil. We brought the creator of the concept, Prof. Henry Chesbrough, to dialogue with Brazilian specialists and managers. In 2009 it became a two-day event, which accommodated the presentation of cases of companies that practice open innovation. In 2010 we started offering executive courses focused on practices of innovation; it then became a three-day event. In 2011 we included activities in the agenda that we called “open innovation arenas”, aiming at connecting institutions around the challenges of a company, organization or group. In 2012, besides the arenas, we made a major effort to internationalize the event, bringing representatives from more than 20 countries.


After 5 years, the Open Innovation Seminar has consolidated as an event of international reference in open innovation, reaching 1,658 participants, of which 354 were from abroad. The network has expanded, the interactions have multiplied and the number of ideas and opportunities for collaboration is beyond any expectation. The work of the Wennovate team throughout the year of 2013 has been focused on making sense to dispersed ideas and design programmes that would allow the emergence of innovation networks and maintain an interaction independent of the event, which would become a major meeting point.

Enough talking, let us share the results of this work and what we have managed to prepare for 2013:

This year, besides the international seminar, we will have three innovation networks, “brunchstorming”, six coffee breaks for networking and informal talks, and 15 executive courses, distributed from the 24th  to the 27th of November, at the WTC, in Sao Paulo. The event is now called Open Innovation Week.

The thematic axes of the event will be: entrepreneurship in the corporative environment, innovation oriented to challenges, internal collaboration, external collaboration and leadership to innovation.

The first day of the event will start with lectures and panels on open innovation, focused on themes as: open innovation and the concept of distributed networks, inventive culture and crowdfunding, creations of new businesses and innovative strategies, the role of the multinational in the innovation ecosystem, among others. In the afternoon, we will conduct discussion and learning paths on the presented panels, where participants will have more time to interact.

The executive courses will take place in the two last days of the event, divided in two groups. Five are focused on the reflection of current concepts involving innovation (Near Future Design, Inventive Culture, Corporate Effectuations, Open Innovation, Strategic Management of Innovation, and Internationalization), offered by renown specialists from Brazil and abroad, and ten focused on more technical themes, offered by practitioners, from metrics of open innovation to corporate venture capital.

The innovation networks will occur every day, parallel to the seminar and courses agenda. Participants of the Open Innovation Seminar and of the executive courses will have the opportunity to interact with scientists, SMEs and start ups in a co-creation and project-evaluation environment. Three networks will be part of this year’s edition of the Open Innovation Week:

The Innovative Scientist
A network of researchers interested in innovation. The goal is to engage scientists in the innovation projects of major companies or startups.

Challenge Brazil
A network of entrepreneurs interested in co-creating ideas, receiving support from mentors and specialists in the market. A space to access and offer resources that will be undertaken (labour, space, investments) and connected with the market.

Innovation Race
A network connecting micro, small and medium enterprises with top companies, in order to develop innovation projects and add value to the production chain.

We hope the work of everyone who participated in the creation of this event will be awarded with your presence!

Carla Colonna
Executive Coordinator of the 6th Open Innovation Week

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